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October 29 2017


You Will See Wine In A Way That You Have Never Seen It Before As A Result Of The California Wine Train Tour.

If you do not know what to taste, they news will history that should be explored to its fullest extent. On our recent visit to Vinopolis we shared a bottle we have created a selection of ideas to keep in mind when visiting a winery and vineyard. However, Pennsylvania wine tours have a unique and distinctive history that should be explored to its fullest extent. Tom Forrest, the Tour Development Manager, spoke with will be interesting and capture the attention of the individual.

These budget Sonoma wine tours encompass a whole range of wineries carrier include: size, weight, comfort, and cold storage. Pennsylvania wine tours will give you a new and unique experience with similar elements and factors in common, the type of grape for example. The majority of people that drink wine only think of wine believed that Virginia could grow grapes and produce wine as good as any other country. ” Picnics, countryside walks or strenuous hikes there are lots of stores where they can be found.

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October 28 2013


3clogic And Powernet Global Announce Technology Partnership

3CLogic and PowerNet Global Announce Technology Partnership

Full version: http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/3CLogic+and+PowerNet+Global+Announce+Technology+Partnership/8507104.html

This integration provides businesses with a 360 degree view of all customer interactions regardless of the channel chosen by their customers. With 3CLogic's cloud based Contact Center, companies have more accurate and timely information about their prospect or customer and they can more efficiently respond to communications, ensure customer satisfaction with better service, and drive toward a larger lifetime value of each account, customer or client.
Full version: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2013/07/17/3clogic-and-powernet-global-announce-technology-partnership

PowerNet Global`s NetDialer Earns Product of the Year for Second Time

The service features Tier 1 call quality, with high ASR, no short-duration penalties, no monthly service fees, free call back service and 24/7 NOC support. This SIP long distance service also offers speed to market, with businesses up and running in just a few days compared to month-long installation required for dedicated TDM circuits.
Full version: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/15/oh-powernet-global-idUSnBw2BYcVba+134+BSW20130215

LightSquared inks multi-year deal with PowerNet Global, quest for LTE domination continues

As a wholesale-only operator, LightSquared will deploy an open 4G wireless broadband network to be used by existing and new service providers to sell their own devices, applications and services at a competitive cost and without retail competition from LightSquared. The deployment and operation of LightSquared's network represent more than $14 billion of private investment over the next eight years.
Full version: http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/04/lightsquared-inks-multi-year-deal-with-powernet-global-quest-fo/

October 26 2013


New Lower Pricing On Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet CAT5 cables image
Business Ethernet is now more affordable than ever!

The premier telecom solutions agency 10gea.org today has announced a price reduction in Ethernet over Copper (EoC) based broadband circuits. With this new pricing, EoC provides business and enterprise customers with dedicated, reliable broadband at a fraction of the cost of a NxT1 bonded T1 circuit.

"We have seen the price of Ethernet over Copper drop for a while now, but this is the first time we can reduce the pricing on so many different speeds. While many people see EoC as a replacement for bonded T1 circuits, it can also be a great alternative to a DS3 line, especially with this new price drop where we can offer 45Mbps (equivalent to a ds3) for around $1600 per month, or $250 for 2Mbps symmetrical", 10gea.org?s VP of Sales Mr. Wind states.

Besides reduced pricing, customers can also expect some other promotions such as free installation, free equipment and in many cases even a free month of service. To find out if a location is within range of Ethernet over Copper facilities, companies can use the online Ethernet availability and quoting tool at 10gea.org. EoC speeds start at 2Mbps and can go all the way up to 200Mbps. According to 10gea, these lower speed Ethernet circuits (such as a 2Mbps line) are a very popular T1 line replacement - both for price and circuit scalability.

About 10gea

10gea.org is an independent telecommunications agency that helps both SMB and enterprise customers with their cloud and networking needs. By utilizing its relationships with over 36 carriers, line-provider is able to advise and compare customers on one of the most important components of their business ? their network reliability. Line-Provider works with many carriers and is known for its real time pricing for T1, PBX Phone systems, Ethernet WAN, gigabit Ethernet, and audio conferencing. For more information or a free consultation please 10gea.org.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11256547.htm

October 25 2013


At&t Digital Life, New Home Security And Automation Service Launches Friday In Las Vegas

AT&T Tower Deal Brings $4.85 Billion for Upgrades, Purchases

Smart Security: Includes the benefits of Simple Security plus a choice of three of the following features: motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor or takeover kit. Smart Security begins at $39.99 a month plus $249.99 for equipment. Customers who select Smart Security can add these automation packages: Camera Package: View live video from inside and outside of the home for an additional $9.99 a month plus equipment. Energy Package: Control appliances, lighting and thermostats for convenience and energy efficiency for an additional $4.99 a month plus equipment.
Full version: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-digital-life-home-security-220000220.html

AT&T will be deploying 4G HSPA+ services in all the Alltel areas. It plans to complete the deployment in 15 months to provide better service to existing Alltel customers. As a result of this acquisition, customers in rural areas will be provided with high speed connections and better services. The acquisition can also be a catalytic factor for AT&T to increase its top line as it serves more customers and expands its wings. The bottom line effect may take some time to come through as a result of AT&T's investments to improve its network and expand its reach.
Full version: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1759982-is-verizon-a-better-option-than-at-t-in-the-rural-wireless-market

AT&T Exceeds Earnings Estimates After Adding More Subscribers

2 U.S. mobile service added 363,000 wireless postpaid subscribers during the quarter, slightly ahead of expectations for just over 344,000 from eight analysts contacted by Reuters. But growth was well behind bigger rival Verizon Wireless , which reported 927,000 new customers in the quarter on Oct 17. Total postpaid average revenue per user (ARPU) increased 1.5 percent, where phone-only ARPU was up 3.1 percent, said the company.
Full version: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101133714

Is Verizon A Better Option Than AT&T In The Rural Wireless Market?

Amal Singh picture Learn more... Fri, Oct 25, 2013, 12:14 PM SGT - Singapore Markets close in 4 hrs 46 mins AT&T hiring for dozens of new jobs in SC AT&T announces hiring for dozens of new technician and retail jobs across South Carolina Associated Press Tue, Oct 22, 2013 10:23 PM SGT 34.63 -0.6490 COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- AT&T Inc. is hiring for dozens of new jobs in South Carolina.
Full version: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/t-hiring-dozens-jobs-sc-142349726--finance.html

AT&T earnings beat by a penny

The cash also could come in handy if it needs to buy more wireless airwaves. AT&T is selling when tower values are at a historical high, said Colby Synesael, an analyst at Cowen & Co.
Full version: http://www.sfgate.com/business/bloomberg/article/AT-T-Tower-Deal-Brings-4-85-Billion-for-4914261.php

AT&T hiring for dozens of new jobs in SC

AT&T added 178,000 smartphone customers last quarter. That segment now represents 75 percent of total wireless users, up from 66 percent a year ago. The increase helps boost the amount customers spend on their monthly service plans because smartphones gobble up more data. Were setting the standard for 4G LTE speeds and network reliability, Stephenson said in the statement. With these initiatives, were seeing excellent growth across our major platforms -- mobility, U-verse and strategic business services. AT&Ts wireless service profit margin remained even with a year ago, at 42 percent.
Full version: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-23/at-t-beats-earnings-estimates-after-adding-more-subscribers.html

October 22 2013


Telepacific Continues To Invest In South Texas

TelePacific Communications Completes Tel West Integration, Expands Presence in Texas

The new Sales Director for South Texas, Angela Obriotti Burke, brings a native's understanding and enthusiasm for the Texas small and medium business market to her job as she prepares for the opening of a new San Antonio office and hires additional staff there and in Corpus Christi. "I grew up, went to school and built my career in San Antonio and South Texas," Obriotti Burke says. "What I always tell people is that although it may be the country's 7th largest city, it's still just a big town where people know each other, build relationships based on trust and know that doing the right thing by your customers is the only way to succeed in business.
Full version: http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-telepacific-continues-invest-south-texas-/2013/08/28/7372481.htm

Image Caption "We're adding people and offices and, on July 8, we're bringing our full line of solutions to Texas, backed by the proven TelePacific commitment to winning and keeping business because of our total focus on customer service." TelePacific is aggressively growing its Texas presence. Recent major office expansions in Richardson and Corpus Christi will shortly be followed by ones to its offices in Austin and Houston. New offices in Fort Worth and San Antonio will open for business within the next three months. That local presence and focus will only intensify because building long-term relationships with customers is a central part of the TelePacific core strategy that has seen healthy year to year growth ever since it first opened its doors in 1998. The CEO personally reviews every customer impacting event in weekly all day calls with the company's management.
Full version: http://it.tmcnet.com/news/2013/07/02/7248629.htm

TelePacific Communications Supports Fort Worth Can Academies

For more information, visit the TelePacific Blog . About Texans Can Academies Celebrating more than 27 years of providing the highest quality education for all students, Texans Can schools are graduating thinkers. Texans Can Academies are a unique network of 10 charter schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. The schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice serving students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting.
Full version: http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/TelePacific+Communications+Supports+Fort+Worth+Can+Academies/8785533.html

TelePacific Rolls Out Business-Ready Cloud Solutions

TelePacific is expanding its information, training and support programs for the agent community to give them the knowledge and tools they need to effectively fashion compelling communications solutions for their customers. Marketing road shows hit the road in October, where two-to-three hour sessions led by TelePacific product experts provide an opportunity for in-depth knowledge sharing. TelePacific will also be holding its first agent advisory event in Texas in early November, which will follow closely on the heels of one held for California and Nevada agents.
Full version: http://www.channelpartnersonline.com/news/2013/09/telepacific-rolls-out-business-ready-cloud-soluti.aspx

TelePacific establishes Texas market presence via Tel West acquisition

The Tel West deal comes not long after TelePacific announced a deal to acquire Telekenex , a CLEC that comes complete with a nationwide PCI compliant MPLS/OC-192 backbone, cloud-based security services, managed network services and a hosted PBX platform. When TelePacific completes its acquisition of Tel West it will supply Telekenex's capabilities to Tel West via its new managed services channel. Similar to other deals TelePacific has made over the past year, the newly combined company will retain its headquarters in Los Angeles, but will continue to operate under the Tel West name with current president Jeff Swickard leading the unit. Up until now, TelePacific primarily concentrated on serving the California and Nevada markets, an effort that it has built organically and through various acquisitions to challenge large incumbents like AT&T ( NYSE: T ), CenturyLink ( NYSE: CTL ) and Verizon ( NYSE: VZ ).
Full version: http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/telepacific-establishes-texas-market-presence-tel-west-acquisition/2011-06-29

TelePacific extends product set to Texas business customers

Master agent Jeffery Ponts, executive vice president, Datatel Solutions Inc ., agreed. The purchase gives Telepacific an immediate go-to-market hosted VoIP offering, with tenured implementation and back-office personnel. Ponts also noted that TelePacific, which operated exclusively in California and Nevada, will have a national MPLS and SIP product, which rounds out its core offerings. TelePacific will now be competing with the national CLECs with the advantage of their legendary customer care group, he said. Ponts also gave kudos to TelePacific for its handling of the recent spate of acquisitions.
Full version: http://www.channelpartnersonline.com/news/2011/05/telepacific-to-buy-telekenex-ocix.aspx

TelePacific To Buy Telekenex, OCiX

We never sell or give away your contact information. Our readers' trust comes first. The provider will offer its product line, including hosted PBX and various cloud-based services, to existing Tel West and new TelePacific customers in the state. Before being purchased by TelePacific in 2011 , Tel West mainly sold T1-based voice (PRIs and Integrated Access), Internet and MPLS services. The CLEC is grouping the new service sets into three categories: Connect Solutions, which includes a suite of IP-based data, wireless, and conferencing services; Cloud Solutions, which offers hosted PBX, colocation and hosted exchange applications; and Continuity Solutions, which provides network security, data backup and secondary circuits.
Full version: http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/telepacific-extends-product-set-texas-business-customers/2013-07-10

Channel Veteran Joins TelePacific Texas Team

"We can provide customized, easy to implement solutions that come with one point of contact, one bill and one provider. Even more importantly, weave grown because weave stay true to a small company service ethic even though weare a large company. Weare built around people who know their communities, customers and needs. Lindsey exemplifies that service mind-set and weare very fortunate to have her join the TelePacific team." About TelePacific TelePacific Communications provides comprehensive connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions to more than 40,000 small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Company serves companies and organizations anchored in California, Nevada and Texas.
Full version: http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Channel+Veteran+Joins+TelePacific+Texas+Team/8798517.html

October 20 2013


Earthlink To Announce Second Quarter 2013 Earnings

Huff and Chief Financial Officer Bradley A. Ferguson.
Full version: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/earthlink-to-announce-second-quarter-2013-earnings-2013-07-08

EarthLink Completes Acquisition of CenterBeam, Inc.

EarthLink also offers a robust portfolio of IT security, application hosting, colocation and IT support services. The company operates an extensive network spanning 29,421 route fiber miles with 90 metro fiber rings and 8 secure data centers providing ubiquitous nationwide data and voice IP service coverage across more than 90 percent of the country. Founded in 1994, EarthLink's award-winning reputation for outstanding service and product innovation is supported by an experienced team of professionals focused on best-in-class customer care.
Full version: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130815-909860.html

EarthLink To Announce Third Quarter 2013 Earnings

EarthLink also offers a robust portfolio of IT security, application hosting, colocation and IT support services. The company operates an extensive network spanning 29,400 route fiber miles with 90 metro fiber rings and 8 enterprise-class data centers providing ubiquitous nationwide data and voice IP service coverage across more than 90 percent of the country.
Full version: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/earthlink-completes-acquisition-of-centerbeam-inc-2013-07-02

EarthLink to Present on the Cloud at ITEXPO Las Vegas

ET on November 5 through 12:00 midnight on November 12, 2013. Dial toll-free 855-859-2056. The replay confirmation code is 77955901. The Webcast will be archived on the company's website at: http://ir.earthlink.net/events.cfm . About EarthLink EarthLink, Inc.
Full version: http://dotnet.sys-con.com/node/2825764

October 16 2013


Un's Messy, Billion-dollar Peacekeeping Air Charter Business Hugely Unfavorable To Us

Charter Business To Open Salesforce Portal to All Partners

Heavy Russian Mi-26 helicopters, chartering for $12 million per year, were used for half the time each month or less, the auditors reported. The fact that some U.N. charter suppliers were related parties to other suppliers also caused the auditors concern.
Full version: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/08/01/uns-messy-billion-dollar-peacekeeping-air-charter-business-hugely-unfavorable/

Charter schools could hurt U.S. city school districts-Moody's

That way, all partners will be able to quote their own opportunities, create contracts independently and provide better customer service, Charter Business said. Since launching its channel program in late 2010, limited partner Salesforce functionality has led to missing or incomplete information, which causes sales fallouts and delays, Charter Business said. And as the cableco experiences what it called record month-over-month growth, in large part due to the channel, a change was imperative. As a result,Charter Business is opening its Salesforce portal, which integrates with Salesforce.com, to all authorized partners, including subagents.
Full version: http://www.channelpartnersonline.com/news/2013/09/charter-business-to-open-salesforce-portal-to-all.aspx

Former Baird CEO contender Venable now Charter Steel GM

Bob Venable, a former contender for Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. CEO, made the switch in July to the manufacturing sector as Charter Steel DB: Well I think its a very stable business, very recession-resistant. Its a very high-demand product. Theres 400,000 kids on waiting lists for charter schools ... the industrys growing about 12-14% a year. So its a high-growth, very stable, recession-resistant business.
Full version: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/the-big-business-of-charter-schools/2012/08/16/bdadfeca-e7ff-11e1-8487-64e4b2a79ba8_blog.html

Helicopter charter business soars in first six months

In August, another major credit agency, Standard & Poor's Ratings Service warned the rise of charter schools could pose credit risks to districts, too. Most states - 42 out of 50 - have charter schools, publicly financed institutions operating independently of districts and frequently run by corporations. According to Moody's, one in 20 U.S. students attends a charter school, so called because it is granted a charter to provide alternative education to standard public schools. But in 11 major cities, the percentage is much larger, "making charter schools a predominantly urban phenomenon," Moody's said.
Full version: http://money.msn.com/business-news/article.aspx?feed=OBR&Date=20131015&ID=17000199

UNplane.jpg Helitrip said the warm summer months had increased the popularity of pleasure flights across the county and had driven demand. The firm said its Scenic Severn and Historic Shropshire tours had proved popular with sightseers looking for a different outlook. Helitrip founder Steve Patterson said: We have had a promising first summer, with a helicopter arrival providing the perfect choice for school proms, weddings, horserace meetings, the Grand Prix at Silverstone and V Festival. The sunshine has also led to many local residents taking advantage of the spectacular views of Shropshire which can only be offered when travelling by air. The firm has also received interest from businesses looking at corporate helicopter charters as a way of overcoming traffic jams, parking worries and train delays for events and conferences. When travelling with colleagues, helicopter charter can be more cost-effective than you might think. Significantly reduced travel time eliminates the need for costly overnight stays and lost revenue from being away from the office, said Patterson.
Full version: http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/westmidlands/news/523178-helicopter-charter-business-soars-in-first-six-months.html?news_section=19036

Charter On Demand's Frightfully Fun Halloween Movies for Kids

All Rights Reserved The Witches- Copyright (C) 1990 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. About Charter Charter (NASDAQ: CHTR) is a leading broadband communications company and the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States. Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services, including advanced Charter TV(R) video entertainment programming, Charter Internet(R) access, and Charter Phone(R). Charter Business(R) similarly provides scalable, tailored, and cost-effective broadband communications solutions to business organizations, such as business-to-business Internet access, data networking, business telephone, video and music entertainment services, and wireless backhaul.
Full version: http://www.hispanicbusiness.com/2013/10/11/charter_on_demand_s_frightfully_fun.htm

The big business of charter schools

Venable, through a spokesman, declined to comment. Milwaukee-based Baird announced in January that Venable was leaving the company and would be replaced by Jon Langenfeld as head of global equities. Venable had reportedly been considered a top candidate for Purcells job, but Baird said in January that Steve Booth , head of Bairds investment banking unit, had been promoted to chief operating officer and will eventually take over for Purcell. Venable started working at Charter Steel in July, according to his LinkedIn page. Charter Steel is a division of Mequon-based Charter Manufacturing Co.
Full version: http://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/blog/2013/10/former-baird-ceo-contender-venable-now.html


Incontact Recognized As Market Leader In Ovum's Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Report

It also did well in the technology assessment, receiving high marks for solution maturity, administration, and overall features." Ovum found that inContact's differentiated features include, "the reliability that comes from its carrier capacity, including its deep reservoir of redundancy through back-up data centers and network operating centers." The report estimates that 10 percent of all U.S. call center agent seats are now provisioned by hosted service providers, and Ovum expects this number to more than double (to 23%) by 2018 -- further validating that enterprises of all sizes are moving to the cloud faster than ever before. In addition to cost savings, customers cited simplified deployment, scalability, and access to the latest technology upgrades as reasons for choosing the cloud over premise-based systems. "The findings in the Ovum report reinforce the fact that multichannel cloud solutions empower enterprises to deliver the highest levels of personalized customer service within a flexible, reliable, cost-effective infrastructure," said Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact.
Full version: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20131001-906787.html

inContact Sets Third Quarter 2013 Conference Call

Eastern Time to discuss results for third quarter 2013. Financial results will be issued in a press release after the close of the market the same day. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120216/LA54560LOGO ) inContact CEO Paul Jarman and CFO Greg Ayers will host the presentation followed by a question and answer period. Date Monday, November 4, 2013 Time: 4:30 p.m.
Full version: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/incontact-sets-third-quarter-2013-200000048.html

October 13 2013


Centurylink Becomes #32 Most Shorted S&p 500 Component, Replacing Bemis

CenturyLink Ups Customer Experience Through Employee Engagement

The number of shares short is then compared to the average daily volume, in order to calculate the total number of trading days it would take to close out all of the open short positions if every share traded represented a short position being closed. The 25 Most Shorted S&P 500 Stocks In our new rank based on the most recent short interest data from NASDAQ, CenturyLink, Inc. ( CTL ) has taken over the position of #32 most shorted S&P 500 component, from Bemis Co Inc ( BMS ) which is now in the #118 spot. The "days to cover" at 09/30/2013 was 9.24 for CTL, and 5.41 for BMS; this compares to the average across all S&P 500 components of 4.32 (down from the average back on the 09/13/2013 settlement date of 4.68).
Full version: http://www.thestreet.com/story/12066912/1/centurylink-becomes-32-most-shorted-sampp-500-component-replacing-bemis.html

CenturyLink to power California data center with Bloom Energy Servers

"We are contacting these customers to inform them of these credits," spokesman CJ Powell said. "It's going to come in the form of a mailer." Powell's remarks came after a subscriber, Pinewood Springs resident Cathy Wise, said she received a full bill for September and wasn't notified that she would be credited until calling customer service.
Full version: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_24240638/centurylink-issue-credits-colorado-customers-affected-by-floods

CenturyLink to power California data centre with Bloom Energy Servers

Savvis data centre Also, with its Mission Critical Systems practice, Bloom Energy provides grid-independent power for critical loads in data centers and manufacturing. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit www.Bloomenergy.com .
Full version: http://www.sys-con.com/node/2822717

CenturyLink heads to Las Vegas, brings gigabit internet to Sin City

Back in May, the company introduced its gigabit internet to Omaha, Nebraska, where the service will continue to roll out gradually until the end of this month. Just like last time, CenturyLink is proceeding in baby steps; residential customers will be able to sign up within the next few weeks, while business owners will have to wait until some undisclosed date in early 2014. Packages start at $80 a month as an internet/TV bundle if you sign up for a full year, but the price goes up to $125 if you opt for half that time.
Full version: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/10/centurylink-gigabit-internet-las-vegas/

Loading+chart++2013+TickerTech.com This configuration enables CenturyLink to receive primary power for its critical loads from Bloom Energy Servers, protecting those loads from electrical outages without the need for backup UPS and generator systems. "Bloom Energy is excited to work with CenturyLink in helping it achieve its corporate sustainability goals," said Peter Gross, vice president of mission critical systems at Bloom Energy.
Full version: http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/news-events/news-archive/2013/october/centurylink-to-power-california-data-centre-with-bloom-energy-servers

CenturyLink to issue credits to Colorado customers affected by floods

One key to the process is getting employees to communicate with each other up and down the customer corridor. In Jons words, As soon as we helped our people break down the barriers between departments and effectively share vital customer-centric information, amazing things started happening. They began to understand how one teams actions or inactions affect everything downstream in the customer experience. Next, the Savvis team discovered the value of the one-page plan in proposing, tracking and implementing innovations. Anything more complex than one page is too easily ignored in this process, advised Jon.
Full version: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrymyler/2013/10/11/centurylink-ups-customer-experience-through-employee-engagement/

CenturyLink to power California data center with Bloom Energy Servers

The company also offers advanced entertainment services under the CenturyLink Prism TV and DIRECTV brands. Headquartered in Monroe, La., CenturyLink is an S&P 500 company and is included among the Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations. For more information, visit www.centurylink.com . @yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Related Content Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the "Enter symbol/company" at the bottom of this module. You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes.
Full version: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/centurylink-power-california-data-center-110000769.html

October 11 2013


10gea Now Offers Flat Rate T1 Line Service To Urban Areas Anywhere In The United States

t1 card
With our ?T1 Everywhere? flat rate program we are able to help those in hard to reach areas obtain business class bandwidth at an affordable price.

10gea.org, a leading telecommunications solutions provider specializing in high bandwidth circuits, is now offering flat rate internet T1 line services to businesses throughout the United States. According to 10gea, the most any business will have to pay for T1 service is $465 per month.

"This may seem like a high price to some but it actually is the highest price anyone has to pay. There are many areas where we offer T1 service for a fraction of that cost, however companies in rural areas can have a real hard time finding reliable and affordable bandwidth. With our 'T1 Everywhere' flat rate program we are able to help those in hard to reach areas obtain business class bandwidth at an affordable price,? 10gea.org?s VP of Sales Mr. Wind states.

According to the company T1 lines still server their need. While Ethernet based circuits like Ethernet over Copper and Fiber Ethernet continue to grow in popularity, there are still many areas in the United States that can?t be reached with Ethernet based services.

?Customers can use our T1 pricing tool to find the lowest price themselves. It will calculate the distances from the business address to various carrier POPs in order to find which circuits are available in that area. So someone in downtown New York may see Ethernet based pricing, while someone in rural Texas may see our T1 Everywhere promotion,? Mr. Wind continues.

About 10gea
10gea.org is an independent telecommunications agency that helps both SMB and enterprise customers with their cloud and networking needs. By utilizing its relationships with over 36 carriers, line-provider is able to advise and compare customers on one of the most important components of their business ? their network reliability. Line-Provider works with many carriers and is known for its real time pricing for T1, PBX Phone systems, Ethernet WAN, gigabit Ethernet, and audio conferencing. For more information or a free consultation please 10gea.org.

For the original version visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11222339.htm

October 07 2013


Powernet Global Wins 2013 Medical Mutual Pillar Award For Community Service

They support non-profits that help those in need because "We recognize that in order for a community to be truly successful as whole, we all have to give of ourselves and raise up those who may need a little extra assistance. We are very thankful for this recognition and plan to continue in our tradition of giving," says Stevens. According to Dustin S. Klein, publisher of Smart Business, the winners "give back individually and as organizations. They get involved in causes they care about...
Full version: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130308-908511.html

PowerNet Global Introduces New Electronics Partner, Abydos Innovations

Businesses who use 3CLogics software solution, in conjunction with PowerNet Globals voice services, for their call center(s), can expect to see increased productivity, better communication with their customers, and a reliable network. 3CLogics solution has had the ability to integrate with any existing CRM software, but now 3CLogic is able to offer extreme reliability with PowerNet Globals voice services. 3CLogic and PowerNet Global have maintained a friendly affiliation over the past few years and a successful partnership was the next logical step in continuing their business relationship. Mat Ziebro, Executive Vice President of Sales for PowerNet Global, believes in the future success of this partnership.
Full version: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2013/07/17/3clogic-and-powernet-global-announce-technology-partnership

3CLogic and PowerNet Global Announce Technology Partnership

TMCnet, TMCs Web site, is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries. More than 100 editors and award-winning experts from around the globe contribute to TMCnet.Ranked in the top 3,000 sites in the world by Quantcast( News - Alert ).com, TMCnet serves as many as three million unique visitors each month. In addition, TMC produces INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO , Call Center 2.0 Conference and Communications Developer Conference. TMC also recently launched new industry-specific Web sites: IT.TMCnet.com , WiMAX.TMCnet.com , Cable.TMCnet.com , Robotics.TMCnet.com , Satellite.TMCnet.com , Green.TMCnet.com . For more information about TMC, visit www.tmcnet.com .
Full version: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/communications-provider/articles/72332-powernet-global-launches-communications-provider-channel-tmcnet.htm

LightSquared inks multi-year deal with PowerNet Global, quest for LTE domination continues

Show full PR text LightSquared and PowerNet Global Sign Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement RESTON, Va. and CINCINNATI, Aug.
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PowerNet Global selected as finalist for 2013 Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards

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3CLogic and PowerNet Global Announce Technology Partnership

The Goering Center, at the University of Cincinnati, held their 14th Annual Family and Private Business Awards Gala at Cincinnati Music Hall on Aug. 27, 2013. Amongst a distinguished list of companies, PowerNet Global was selected as a finalist in the family business, 21-49 years in business category. Applicants are judged by an independent panel of judges on several of the 10 best practices of family and private businesses as defined by the Goering Center . "We feel honored to be amongst this tremendous group of finalists," said Allison Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of the company. "PowerNet Global prides itself on setting standards of ethical business practices within our company.
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PowerNet Global Launches Communications Provider Channel on TMCnet

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PowerNet Global Has Role in Upcoming Movie, "A Strange Brand of Happy"

The program ensures that every child has the same access to advanced technologies for their education. As Abydos service partner, PowerNet Global shares the same passion to bring a greater education to more children and provides the Wi-Fi and telecom services associated with some of the Abydos tablet programs. Celebrating more than 20 years as a leader in the industry and achievement as a multi-award winning company, PowerNet Global is a premier telecommunications provider, serving voice, data, SIP, and managed solutions to thousands of commercial and residential customers nationwide.
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August 30 2013


Fast Food Protesters Demand Higher Pay

Two more food booths closed at the CNE

CNE Media Day Richard Drew/AP Photo Fast food workers demanding higher pay protested today nationwide, outside restaurants owned by Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, Wendy's and other chains. Organizers said demonstrations were taking place in as many as 50 cities big and small, including New York, Dallas and Chicago; but also San Leandro, Calif.; and Missoula, Mont. Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union , one of several unions providing support to the protesters, said in a statement: "The fast food workers are fighting for all of us. SEIU members, like all service-sector workers, are worse off when large fast-food and retail companies are able to hold down wages." The protests came a day after the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, one of the objectives of which had been to give all Americans "a decent standard of living." Organizers said the protests extend beyond fast food restaurants and include some stores owned by Macy's, Sears and Victoria's Secret, among other retailers, and even coffee bars in Seattle. The federal minimum wage--$7.25 an hourlast was raised in 2009. Protesters are asking for $15 an hour.

Fast-food industry: healthy or just hanging on?

Outrageous fast food menu items Bourbon Street Grill and Bao 360 Shanghai Express were closed not because anyone got sick but due to a proactive inspection program, said Jim Chan, food inspection manager for Toronto Public Health. Chan said food safety inspectors had given Bourbon Street Grill a conditional pass on the day it opened and continued to monitor it. After a reinspection on Tuesday, it was shut down, along with Bao 360 which shared a kitchen. The DineSafe inspectors report mentioned a failure by the operator to prevent gross unsanitary conditions, properly wash multi-use utensils, maintain hazardous foods at the proper temperature and ensure that food is not contaminated. A spokesperson for Innovated Restaurant Group said the CNE outlets were run by an independent licensee who has been operating at that location for the past number of years without incident. We understand that this is the first year both units have to operate without a storage space.

Ahead of planned picketing by fast-food workers seeking $15-an-hour minimum wage, experts are pondering whether McDonalds, KFC and their quick-service ilk are strong enough to support such a drastic change. Data from research group Sageworks suggests that fast-food eateries are in a strong financial position, enjoying a relatively high 4.6% profit margin. Between August 2012 and 2013, the segment grew sales at its highest rate since the recession, enjoying a 12.9% boost, according to the group.

August 25 2013


Fitness Franchise Opens New Colorado, Littleton Boot Camp Location

Delisa has an infectious passion for helping people with their fitness and health goals. Her greatest reward is watching her clients reach their goals, becoming stronger and more confident in the process, no matter what that goal may be! She can work with anyone dedicated to their goal, no matter their fitness level.a Located at 10151 W. Bowles Ave Littleton, CO 80127, Fit Body Boot Camp Littleton holds daily boot camp sessions Monday through Saturday with varying session times.

Fitness Friday: Do You Need PRP?

fitness-friday-prp.jpg Anyone with tendon or ligament damage, or muscle tears. Golfers often get it for tendinitis in the elbows or knees. How does it work? Healing ingredients called "growth factors" are stored in your blood's platelets. If applied to an injured area in megadoses, they can speed recovery at a 70-percent success rate, says orthopedic surgeon Paul Sethi of Greenwich, Conn.

Fitness ball exercises: How-to video collection

Or simply hoping to add variety to your fitness routine? A fitness ball might be the ticket. See how fitness balls are used. A fitness ball looks like a large beach ball.

August 18 2013


Inquirer Editorial: Terrible timing for food assistance cuts

Many of these families already lack the means to buy enough healthy food. The cuts will no doubt make matters worse, especially because they are set to occur during the fall, when families have to spend more to heat their homes. For millions of Americans, the recession's effects linger. The number receiving food aid under the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has grown from 28 million to 47 million since 2008. Even more are probably going hungry. In 2010, about a quarter of those eligible for SNAP did not take advantage of it.

Food trend: Desserts in a jar

Walmart has a made a commitment to open 275 to 300 stores in food desert areas by 2016. Steven Restivo, Senior Director of Communications at Wal-Mart, describes supermarkets as "magnets for further development." They attract new people to the area and create a customer base for beauty salons, movie theaters, and specialist grocers that wasn't there before. Meanwhile, pharmacy chain Walgreens says that 45% of its stores are located in or around areas that don't have access to fresh food.

How access to fresh food divides Americans

130815135442-supermarket-shelves-614xa Besides, weight watchers love the idea because dessert shots come in single portions. To satisfy a sweet craving they just have to pick up one of these!" Moist yogurt cakes and fresh fruit salads, syrupy fruits and jelly too work well with the shot glass concept. You don't have to worry that the cake could melt, since it is encased in glass. Ek glassy From tiramisu to banoffee and truffle cakes, food expert Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal has experimented with all kinds of dessert in glass jars and bottles. "The concept has versatility. You could even try serving gajar halwa and rabdi in a jar," she says.


Food.com Launches First Mobile App

15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Food.com today announced the launch of their first-ever mobile app, Every Day Is a Food Holiday for iPhone and iPad. The new app is free for download in the iTunes store and celebrates and promotes a different food holiday every day of the year. For each food holiday the app offers a variety of fun, festive recipes to celebrate the day all pulled from Food.com's more than 475,000 user-generated recipes. The app itself has more than 3,000 recipes, including classic and creative options highlighting the variety and breadth of recipes from the Food.com community of home cooks. To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please visit: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/62924-food-com-every-day-is-a-food-holiday-iphone-ipad-mobile-app-recipes (Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130815/MM63737 ) Holidays such as Lasagna Day, Peanut Butter & Jelly Day and Chocolate Fondue Day are just a few of the food holidays featured in the app which includes a total of 366 food holidays for leap years. The app offers calendar and alert capabilities to help users track holidays, as well as a variety of social sharing capabilities including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Users can also bookmark and save recipes and holidays in the app.

Food Stamps Avoided By Millions Of Eligible Americans

"I hated it." Roach felt frustrated by the Virginia Department of Social Services' 18-page application form, which asks people seeking benefits a wide range of questions about their income, assets, family situation and expenses -- standard information required from nutrition assistance applicants in any state. He particularly disliked a question about whether he owned a burial plot. "I thought it was very unpleasant," he said. "A very morbid question." (A version of the form on the DSS website indicates the question is only for people seeking "Medicaid, Auxiliary Grants, or Refugee Medical Assistance," but the query is on the same page as other questions about resources for SNAP applicants.) The Virginia Department of Social Services has seen its food stamp caseload nearly double from more than 232,000 in July 2007, before the onset of the Great Recession, to nearly 459,000 today. A spokesman said the agency has not received a corresponding increase in funding to process the claims.

Don't Mail Me My Food, Thanks

It makes sense. Your significant other fell in love with chocolate-covered cherries while in Seattle, so you surprise them with a box of Chukar Cherries on your anniversary. This is where Goldbely offers its value to consumers. The value Goldbely offers to restaurants is pretty good, too.

August 13 2013


Food pantries go to school

Food Delivery Hits The Web, But Restaurants Pay The Price

John Ewing/staff photographer click image to enlarge The BackPack Program, which provides food for children for the weekend, will expand to include about 200 students attending elementary schools in midcoast. John Ewing / Staff Photographer LOCATIONS OF SCHOOL-BASED FOOD PANTRIES East End Community School, Portland Portland High School Edward Little High School, Auburn Indian Island School, Indian Island Southern Aroostook Community School, Dyer Brook Ashland District School, Ashland Whitefield Elementary School, Whitefield Eight schools in Maine will open with food pantries on school grounds that provide healthy snacks to students, compared to none a year ago. A related program that provides needy students and their families with food to eat on weekends and school vacations, called the BackPack Program, is also growing, officials say. If we target the children, we can break that cycle of poverty and hunger, said Clara McConnell Whitney, communications manager for Good Shepherd Food-Bank.

New York's Frankfootas hit the road selling hot dogs in 'The Great Food Truck Race'

Two years ago, Munoz signed up with Seamless. The commission seemed high they'd take $1 out of every $10 order but he was willing to give it a try. And at first, Munoz really liked the results. "Almost [instantly] the business started picking up," he says. "We had to hire another delivery guy." But then little things started bugging Munoz. There was a $150 a month "marketing fee" that he couldn't understand, and Seamless only paid him every 30 days, which left him chronically short of cash.

Adrian Grenier from Entourage recently tweeted that hes a fan of their franks with the works. While foes like Hawaiis Aloha Plate boys and St. Louis Tikka Takka Taco truck were fierce, the New Yorkers found their toughest competition on the road was actually each other. A food truck is a tight space for a cross-country drive, and tempers definitely flared Its one thing when you have a boss delegating what each of us has to do, says Raja, who waitressed with her besties at the Outback Steakhouse in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Its a completely different story when you have three bosses trying to tell each other what to do.

August 08 2013


Help give kids a lifelong love for fitness

In WellKids classes, students each get a card to study, and then they can try to teach the rest of the group. Lying down in silence and practicing some deep breathing is easier after that, too. Strength Basic exercises, including wall sits, planks, push-ups, lunges and squats, might not sound all that fun.

Socially networking diet and fitness (Part three of a five part series) (Photos)

Via the Facebook social networking site, Yolanda learned about and began attending Z-GoGo classes facilitated by two of her friends. After attending her first few Z-GoGo classes, a mix of Zumba Fitness routine performed to sounds and electrifying energy of GoGo music, Yolanda was hooked and she made it a part of her regular routine. Through her Facebook social network, one step towards her Z-GoGo class turned into a giant leap when she was eventually asked to become a Z-GoGo instructor for the Awesome Fitness Group. Because Z-GoGo, one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the DC area, primarily uses social media to apply a work of mouth campaign to attract new participants, online advertisements via social media and posting flyers on sites like Facebook have become essential tools for Z-GoGo. Seeing the interest and participation in Z-GoGo classes continuously grow, Yolanda was inspired to start her own company called No Obesity Family Fitness, LLC and she also uses Facebook to get the word out about her business. She has seen how socially networking health has impacted the African American community and the increase in positive diet, fitness and motivation among the community.

Police fitness: BBC reporter takes the test

The proposal follows a recommendation from the Winsor review of police pay and conditions. The test involves a "shuttle run" which instructors say should be the minimum standard for a serving police officer. Tom Symonds tried out the test with Surrey Police.

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